Our History

Heritage Fellowship Church is located in Reston, Virginia, one of America's most successful planned communities. Since its founding in 1962, by New York developer and former owner of Carnegie Hall, Robert E. Simon, Jr., people have been drawn by Reston's sense of community, country atmosphere, recreational amenities, superb public educational system employment opportunities, and its close proximity to Washington, D.C.

Reston was planned and designed to meet particular social objectives and the needs of everyone who chose to join the community. Its physical layout of homes, streets, schools, open spaces and commercial and community areas are aimed at incorporating function with beauty, safety with convenience, and people with nature. It was to be a community where people of all ages, races and many socioeconomic backgrounds live work and play, harmoniously.

Over the years, Reston residents pursued their natural desire to create new alliances, new associations and new visions that incorporate enduring intuitions and traditions. Among these enduring traditions is the church.

Reston's town planners allotted space for religious structures, but they could not build the community's spiritual heritage or history. They expected that the people of Reston, in time, would bring and build these things for themselves. However, planners did not anticipate specific religious needs African-Americans. Historically, the Black Church has been a powerful influence, a dynamic and stable part of African-American life. It is in this setting and out of this tradition that the Heritage Fellowship Church was born.

Our Rich History - Timeline

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