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    Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Reverend Dr. Julian Dangerfield

Senior Pastor

Pastor J. Julian Dangerfield is a seasoned pastor, leader, consultant, speaker and Executive Director who serves as the senior pastor of Heritage Fellowship Church located in Reston, Virginia. He is a sought-after preacher and facilitator who has a unique gifting to inspire others to join God in advancing the Kingdom. He is passionate about his pursuit to know God and to make Him known.  Pastor Dangerfield’s perspective is formed by over 30 years of ministerial experience, and he has traveled to more than 40 countries executing strategies that lift humanity while expanding God’s Kingdom.  

Following a vision to establish Shalom Outreach, Dr. Dangerfield created a program to successfully train and equip pastors, medical doctors, teachers, social workers, and young people for missionary travel into the continents of Africa and South America. He devised strategies with ambassadors to the United Nations from African Countries to confront the HIV AIDS pandemic and to confront the social ills that exist within their nations.  At Shalom, his heart for global missions has led him to mentor pastors and leaders in several nations, providing guidance and encouragement to those serving in diverse cultural contexts.  

As a church planter, he has sought to transform entire communities with a careful balance of outreach and social action. Through this organization, he demonstrated a commitment to meeting the practical needs of communities across the globe while sharing the transformative power of the Gospel.

Dr. Dangerfield serves as facilitator in connecting human needs with resources.  Through much research, careful examination and inquiry, he has mobilized thousands of African Americans to participate in short-term missions across the globe. This activity has helped foster salvation, food for the hungry, clothing for the naked, medical care for the sick and visitation to those in prison.   

In the United States he has organized the mission efforts of more than 25 churches, ministries and not for profit organizations, which has resulted in over 54,000 people coming to Christ. The intense training program he developed and the manual he created have been reproduced by other organizations worldwide.  They serve as a foundation for training and establishing effective policy across the world. 

Dr. Dangerfield also serves on the Board of Directors for Wycliffe Bible Translators in Orlando, Florida.  In this role, he works to get the bible to people in their heart language.

He has a bachelor's degree in business management and has completed his Master of Arts degree in Leadership, Evangelism and Mobilization at Columbia International University in Columbia, South Carolina. He has also completed his doctoral studies at Virginia Union University with a focus on cross cultural ministry.  

Pastor Dangerfield brings a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to ministry to his role at Heritage. With a deep passion for serving God and transforming lives, he has dedicated his life to spreading the message of hope and love through his various leadership and ministry roles.  

Lisa Atkinson Dangerfield

First Lady

Pastor Dangerfield's beloved helpmate, is Lisa Atkinson Dangerfield, a seasoned administrator with more than 35 years of policy experience in the areas of housing and community development.  She has served the citizens of both the Commonwealths of Virginia and Pennsylvania as Deputy Secretary of Commerce and Economic Development. 

Shalom Outreach Ministries has been blessed with her talents and service for the last seven years. Mrs. Dangerfield currently serves there as director of administration, lending her considerable gifts and talents to many aspects of the organization.  She has a special fondness for women's ministry and has created and implemented multiple international and domestic programs and workshops to support the unique needs and opportunities for women.

Lady Dangerfield earned her bachelor's degree from Penn State University and completed the Harvard University Program for Senior Executives in State and Local Government. Her personal interests include many years of volunteer work for non-profit organizations and over 30 years of financial support to missionaries abroad and other Christian organizations.   

Lisa enjoys foreign and domestic travel, reading, and participation in various athletic activities.