Member Management System (Realm)

Heritage Fellowship Church has implemented a new membership management system! In addition to making some internal record keeping more accurate and easier to manage, it offers our members the ability to manage and edit their own profiles and 24/7 access to their giving profiles.


Members should receive an email from your deacon inviting you to update your profile. This email contains a unique link which allows you to create a log in and access your personal profile. These unique links will expire 90 days after being issued. So, be on the lookout for the email and plan to spend 2-3 minutes getting set up.  Click "sign on" and use the same email where you received the invitation to create your profile.

Once the link expires, a new link will need to be issued.

Be sure to check your SPAM/JUNK/PROMOTIONS folders. If, for some reason, you have not yet received the email, please send an email to  We can help you get on quickly!

Once you have accessed your email invitation and created a log-in:

  • Please review your profile information and make any necessary corrections.  If you are active member, please be sure the following fields are populated:  first name, last name, email, and age.
  •  Remember to hit save after you have completed your changes.
  • Add a profile picture as desired (this will help our church family get to know one another better).
  • Manage your privacy settings to determine which parts of your profile are visible to other church members. (Your contact information is always viewable to our staff).  Again, remember to hit save after you have made all of your changes.

We are excited about this next step in helping our church family migrate its record to a new system. This is a process, so please be patient as we continue to navigate the new system. It will require training within our congregation, and we will also have to train our staff and leadership on how to utilize all of the new features. Eventually we anticipate this will lead to new features and functionality that will further enhance your relationship with your home church

Received the invitation email and do not have the link OR your link does not work correctly?

Go to and hit sign on and enter the email where you received the invitation email.

Did NOT receive the invitation email, and you are a member (so you should have one)?

No Problem!  We'll figure it out.  Send an email with your name, email, birth date, address and telephone number to

Have questions about the new member management system (Realm)?

We'll be happy to get an answer for you.  Please send an email with the nature of your questions, or challenges to

Have questions about your giving records?

The finance team will be happy to research your concern.  Please send an email with details on your concerns and a good day time number to contact you to