bible study

Juneteenth Potluck in the Word

Join us for a special “Wednesdays in the Word” Bible study on Wednesday, June 19th at 6:00 pm as we commemorate celebrate freedom with faith.  In addition to the bible study groups which typically meet on Wednesdays, all bible study groups, indeed all of you are invited to participate.  Under the leadership of Spencer and Sandy Crew and Minister Johnnie Mae Parker, we will explore liberation, resilience and enduring hope as found in the scriptures. 

Men's Bible Study

Joining a men's Bible study isn't just about individual reflection. The brotherhood forged through studying God's word together brings a unique power. We can learn from different perspectives, challenge each other's interpretations, and hold one another accountable in our faith journeys. This kind of supportive community strengthens our understanding and deepens our connection to God and each other.

Training Day Hour of Power

Join us for Hour of Power Bible study this Wednesday at 7 pm. Bernard Murrell will lead us in a session called “The Heart of the Church:  Training Day.”

Hour of Power begins at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 30th.  The session is offered as a hybrid, with participants on site in Calloway Fellowship Hall and the log-in instructions in the footer of the website.  We hope to see you there!