Men's Bible Study

Joining a men's Bible study isn't just about individual reflection. The brotherhood forged through studying God's word together brings a unique power. We can learn from different perspectives, challenge each other's interpretations, and hold one another accountable in our faith journeys. This kind of supportive community strengthens our understanding and deepens our connection to God and each other.

Reorganize, Revitalize, Renew

Calling all ministries! We're embarking on a mission to spruce up the campus, and we need your help!

As ministries which have been dormant re-engage, new ministries emerge, and opportunities to offer community programming increase, we are taking a fresh look at how our campus is being used. Recent facility tours revealed a common theme: overflowing storage areas with unused materials.   We're talking aged books, forgotten art projects, expired food and snack items, cast off clothing, random office supplies, and more!