2020 Angel Gift Tag Program

We are salt and light. Let’s bring hope and joy to the homes of children who deserve it in this season through our annual Angel Gift Tag Program!

This year has been hard on everyone in our community.  We are anticipating a greater need for holiday help.  At the same time, the pandemic is severely limiting our in-person participation.  So ,this year we are planning on gift card donations, with denominations between $25 and $50. 

How you can participate:

Purchase gift cards in deonominations between $25 and $50.  Suggested retail stores include Walmart, Target, Kohls, Giant, Safeway, Harris Teeter and CVS.  The cards can be delivered to the church through the new drop box (by the front door bell).  Place the gift cards in an envelope labed Angel Gift Tag Program or AGTP, then drop them in the drop box.


Make monetrary contributions to the church and designate the funds for the Angel Gift Tag Program.    

Contact: Robyn Singletary Chung through email agtphfc@gmail.com if you have questions.