Reorganize, Revitalize, Renew

Calling all ministries! We're embarking on a mission to spruce up the campus, and we need your help!

As ministries which have been dormant re-engage, new ministries emerge, and opportunities to offer community programming increase, we are taking a fresh look at how our campus is being used. Recent facility tours revealed a common theme: overflowing storage areas with unused materials.   We're talking aged books, forgotten art projects, expired food and snack items, cast off clothing, random office supplies, and more!

The Time for Transformation is Now!

To maximize space and functionality for all ministries, we're kicking off a deep clean and decluttering initiative. Here's the plan:

  • Our goal is to restore the campus to a pristine condition by April 30.
  • Declutter Your Ministry Space: Sort through your designated areas and identify items that are no longer needed.
  • Discard and Donate: Facilities will provide trash and recycling bins for disposal. For gently used items other ministries might utilize, let's pool them together for internal sharing. Excess items can also be donated to other congregations.
  • Consolidate & Organize: Once the decluttering is complete, let's reorganize remaining materials for efficient access.
Maximizing Our Space for the Community

This initiative paves the way for exciting possibilities! With more streamlined storage, we can explore:

  • Time-Shifting Activities: Consider utilizing ministry rooms during off-peak hours for other community events, potentially opening up evenings or weekdays for outside groups.  
  • Blessing others:  By donating our unused materials others might find use for them and increase the footprint of blessings to others.
Let's Work Together!

By working collaboratively, we can create a more efficient and inviting environment for all ministries and community activities.

Need Help? Facilities will gladly provide disposal bins and can assist with logistical questions. For any inquiries, please reach out to the Facilities Department.

Together, let's transform our campus into a space that fosters connection and growth!