Juneteenth Potluck in the Word

Join us for a special “Wednesdays in the Word” Bible study on Wednesday, June 19th at 6:00 pm as we commemorate celebrate freedom with faith.  In addition to the bible study groups which typically meet on Wednesdays, all bible study groups, indeed all of you are invited to participate.  Under the leadership of Spencer and Sandy Crew and Minister Johnnie Mae Parker, we will explore liberation, resilience and enduring hope as found in the scriptures. 

To add to the spirit of community, we're hosting a Juneteenth Potluck as a part of the Bible study. Please consider bringing a dish to share that serves 10 or more people. Sign up for your dish on our website to avoid duplicates and ensure a delicious spread!

FUN FACT: Red soda, particularly strawberry, is a staple at Texas Juneteenth celebrations. Historically it's been connected to the symbolism of red in West African cultures, representing strength, life, and even the sacrifices made. Juneteenth menus often feature red colored foods and drinks as a tribute to the blood shed by those who came before the day of Jubilee, and the resilience and perseverance of our ancestors throughout their struggle for freedom.

And, in tribute to those who went before us, please bring a photo of your ancestors to share.  Let's celebrate freedom together!

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