Church Bulletin

If you are a member of our church experiencing a death in your family or a spiritual emergency, please let us know so that we can be prayerful and responsive to your needs. What we are trying to say is that you are not alone.
Joining a men's Bible study isn't just about individual reflection. The brotherhood forged through studying God's word together brings a unique power. We can learn from different perspectives, challenge each other's interpretations, and hold one another accountable in our faith journeys. This kind of supportive community strengthens our understanding and deepens our connection to God and each other.
Looking to deepen your connection with God?  Consider participating in  daily prayer calls taking place Monday through Saturday at 7:00 AM.  These calls offer a beautiful opportunity to begin your day with a moment of peace and reflection.
Get ready to dive deeper into scripture and connect with fellow believers! Wednesdays in the Word is back, offering two enriching Bible study opportunities each week.  One is held mid-day and the other is held in the evening.  Both sessions are held in person in Tate Chapel.  Zoom sessions are also available for those unable to make it to the church. Noon Day Bible Study with Sandra Crew:
Our photography ministry uses the power of images to tell the story of Heritage Fellowship church. They capture moments of worship, fellowship, and service, and share them with the world. Visit our website to view galleries documenting the life of Heritage. You'll see worship services, events, baptisms, and more. You'll also see photos of Heritage's community outreach efforts. Our photography ministry is a way to share the love of Christ with the world.
Nestled behind the Narthex, across from the main office, Heritage hosts a warm and inviting nursery during Sunday Worship Service.  
Heritage Fellowship Church is on social media!  Follow us @heritagereston on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for streaming services, up to date scheduling, chat and more. #HeritageReston