Reconciliation, Restoration and Healing

The Reconciliation, Restoration and Healing Committee was commissioned by the Heritage Fellowship Church Board of Directors.  This 15 member committee, which represents a wide cross section of our congregation, began meeting in December 2021.  They have prayed consistently, held informal one-on-one listening sessions and conducted a church-wide survey.

These activities and the most positive response to Rev. Dangerfield's sermons and hour of power lessons clearly indicate our church is ready and beginning to "Turn the Page."

The next phase of the committee's work will involve working with an outside consultant to engage with every part of our church, creating a safe and confidential environment for each session.  Rev. Dr. Johnny Parker, CEO of Turn the Page Consulting Group, has been selected to shepherd the congregation through this next period of our growth journey.

Click below for a message from Olivia Toatley, chair of the committee.



To contact the committee, please send an email to