Music & Worship Arts Ministry

The purpose of the Music and Worship Arts Ministry is to blend music, dance and voices in a manner that honors God, connects with Scripture, and adds to each worship experience.  This growing ministry is integral to church life and seeks to lead the congregation into a more meaningful and intimate relationship with God.  This ministry is undergirded by outstanding and qualified directors, committed choir members, dancers and musicians, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence and spiritual growth.  Each component of this ministry demonstrates an appreciation for diverse music styles and is at home sharing from a repertoire of Negro Spirituals, Contemporary Gospel, and various Christian music genres from different cultures.  Because service to others is an important part of the Music and Worship Arts Ministry, most of the individuals and groups in this ministry take part in community service activities throughout the year, from serving at homeless shelters to caroling at senior centers.  Recognizing the varying music needs of an ever-changing church population, the Music and Worship Arts Ministry seeks to be relevant and sensitive to a transforming congregation.

Angelic Children's Choir

The Angelic Children’s Choir represents our youngest voices and brings an energy and enthusiasm every time they sing.  Comprised of children ages 5-12, this choir is taught the importance of a relationship with Jesus Christ in an environment of prayer, music and worship.  The Angelic Children’s Choir is an excellent opportunity to begin early helping our children to understand the importance of proper choir decorum, rehearsal, and cooperation.  This choir sings at the second service on the 4th Sunday in each month and is featured annually in Christmas, Easter, and other services.


Adult Choir

Currently singing every 1st and 2nd Sunday, the Adult Choir ushers the presence of God into the worship service in preparation for the preached word.  This choir is made up of committed individuals who are often participating in other choirs at Heritage, yet the dual commitment has added to the vocal and spiritual strength of this group.


Men's Choir

The Heritage Fellowship Men’s Choir is dedicated to fostering a welcoming environment where men can grow in their faith and fellowship with one another while leading the congregation in worship.  We believe that something special happens when men of God gather together to sing praises.  The Men’s Choir can be heard lifting their voices in song periodically throughout the year.  All men are invited and encouraged to participate.


Instrumental Music

Heritage is blessed to have noted musicians with a heart for serving God.  Each instrumentalist comes with a history of outstanding experience and skill, an ability to play diverse music styles, and a willingness to work as a team in order to provide the very best support for the church’s choirs, soloists, and dancers.  In addition to accompanying groups within the church, the Heritage musicians frequently are featured during worship services. 


Sacred Dance

The Sacred Dance Ministry offers anointed and God-inspired movements while accompanying the Heritage Fellowship Choirs, or as a featured dance group. On any given Sunday, the Sacred Dance Ministry can be found interpreting music through dance as they move the congregation towards maximum worship.   Open to dancers 6 years old and beyond, the Sacred Dance Ministry, with its use of banners, flags and other ministry tools, provides a wonderful element to the worship experience each time it ministers before the congregation.




Teen Choir

The Teen Choir represents the amazing voice tones and excitement that are a part of the period found just after childhood, but not quite into adulthood. The Heritage Teen Choir shares harmonies and a vocal maturity that far surpasses its years. Singing every 4th Sunday at both services, these young people are committed to expressing their faith and love of music to a congregation that looks forward to hearing this choir each month and during special services. All teens are invited to be a part of this choir.



Women's Choir


Providing the congregation with music that transforms the worship atmosphere, the Women’s Choir can be heard at various times throughout the year exalting the name of Jesus to a higher place of praise and embracing the joy that is ignited when God’s daughters unite in song.  Interested women should consider being a part of this dynamic group.



...Speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord...

Ephesians 5:19